So What’s the Deal with Facebook Timelines?

28 Sep

I dunno…but let’s learn together!

I hope you find this article,  “Facebook Timeline: A Complete Overview,” useful courtesy of InmanNext.


How To Remove Streaks and Marks from Your Floors

28 Sep

Scuff Marks on your Floor Shoes

As you know in Austin, TX and any real estate market really, first impressions matter to the Buyer!  Don’t let scuff marks on your floors distract Buyers and cost you money!   Instead try these cheap, quick fixes.

1. Fight Fire with Fire!  Black-soled shoes may have made streaks on your tile floor, but rubber-soled sneakers can remove them. Simply tie on your sneakers and buff the marks with the point of your sole.

…It’s OK if you can’t resist attempting the Moon Walk while you’re at it.

2. Aw Sheet!  Have hardwood floors? Lift scuff marks by using a dryer sheet (even a used one will do). Simply rub at the marks, making small, circular motions.

3. Alcohol (Rubbing not Drinking)! Vinyl floor looking streaky? Dab a little rubbing alcohol on a clean white cloth and wipe. The marks will disappear without damaging the floor’s finish.

I’m a professional Realtor, not a professional flooring cleaner, so if you’re unsure, please check with a flooring specialist before trying any of these tactics.


Water and Energy Conservation Tips

26 Sep

Hey Fellow Austinites!  My bills were SCARY this summer!  How about yours?  Well, in order to help all of us without a cool green property, here are some tips to help you save some CASH any time of year on both your water and utility bills and be kind to the Earth!

By the way, did you print up your $5 Coupon for Grooming at Woof Gang Bakery yet?

$5 of Grooming at Woof Gang Bakery Austin, TX

23 Sep

Happy Friday Everyone!

In case you didn’t know this about me, I LOVE  A DEAL!!!  Today, I want to share a deal with you!

$5 Off Grooming at Woof Gang Bakery, located in Central Austin.

Woof Gang is a special spot:  Not only do they have fabulous groomers, but they also offer beautiful baked goods for your pup, unique collars and leashes, nutritious treats and dog food, toys galore, and yes, even that Longhorn jersey every dog needs!

Want to visit Woof Gang now?:

So go ahead, click on the coupon link, print it up, and set up your next grooming appointment.  Tell ’em Erica Sent Ya!

…Oh, and if you happen to have a Golden Retriever, you should join my Meetup!

Note: If you have trouble printing the coupon, follow these instructions:

1.  Right click on coupon

2. Select Medium 640

3. Right click on Medium 640-sized coupon in new screen and either save the file and print it through your photo management service OR paste photo in a new blank Word document and print that!

Green is Gorgeous!

22 Sep

I found this article that I thought you might find interesting, and I think they hit the nail on the head: While it wasn’t always the case with green design, green and gorgeous are no longer mutually exclusive events!

I love the 5 designs featured at the bottom of the article.  Living in Austin, TX, a city that bleeds orange…and green, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of this housing in the near future!

It’s Hard Selling Awesome Properties When You Want Them for Yourself!

19 Sep

Austin Hill Country Real EstateAustin real estate is so much fun, but sometimes it is hard!

I get to see some of the neatest properties, drool over them, and then have to help get them sold to someone else other than myself!  It’s a shame!

I would love to own this 10 acre Hill Country Retreat!

I’m a Good Realtor, but You Don’t Have to Take My Word for It!

12 Sep

When you’re buying or selling a home, it is a BIG DEAL!  You’re going to put a lot of time and effort into this major life change.

So, you need a Realtor who not only knows her stuff but is also someone with whom you want to be in relationship, because trust me, unless your Realtor is a terrible communicator, you’re going to be talking and emailing a TON!

I’d have to say, I’m a pretty cool Austin, TX Realtor.  As Lavar Burton would say, however, ‘[but] you don’t have to take my word for it!’