Today is PAY DAY, but How Do I Stretch My Dollar?!

7 Oct

With the unsettled nature of our economy, everyone is trying to cut back, either to save and gain a greater sense of security in our uncertain world, or just to save for special purchases, like a home.  No matter the motivation, I thought these ideas might help stretch your paycheck!

  • Bring Your Lunch to Work – The average person spends $6 when they buy their lunch (I think it’s double that in Austin!) yet only $2 when they pack it themselves. That’s a potential savings of $20 a week or $1,040 dollars a year.
  • Durable over Disposable – Using products like sponges over  paper towels, or a rechargeable razor over disposable razor can save you up to $200 per year.
  • Hold an Annual Yard Sale –Get rid of all that household clutter, make a few bucks, and get to know your neighbors (Keep your eye out for neighborhood yard sales). Whatever you don’t sell can be donated to charity and used as a tax write-off. Or have a virtual yard sale on eBay!
  • Get a Library Card – As opposed to buying a book for $20,  or paying $100+/year for a movie subscription, get it for FREE!
  • Watch Those Utilities – Changing over to energy-saving light bulbs and low flow shower heads is a great start. Also, most utility companies offer a home audit you can complete online. If not, go to for a virtual inspection of your home. There is no need to throw away money on wasted energy!

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