How to Stay COOL in Austin Texas!

26 Aug
According to the temperatures in Austin over the next 5 days will range from 104  to 110 degrees! 
To help you survive the heat, here are some fun ways to stay cool in Austin!
Cool Locations in Austin…
  • Step inside the beer cooler at Whole Foods on 6th and Lamar or the refreshingly cold walk in beer cooler at Twin Liquors near the Hill Country Galleria.
  • Visit the fruit and vegetable coolers at Costco and Sams Club 
  • Surround yourself with ice at a local skating rink:  check out Chaparral Ice at
  • Pick out some flowers in the flower cooler at Austin Flowers on 35th
  • Swim Barton Springs or Deep Eddie Pool
  • Dive into Lake Austin just below Mansfield Dam
  • Eat Ice Cream at Amy’s Ice Creams
  • Tour a local cave!  Inner  Space Caverns has a year round temperature of 72 degrees!
  • Go bowling! Check out Austin area bowling alleys at
Fun Tips on Staying Cool…
  • Dress lighter and wear lighter colors. Cotton clothes allow for air circulation, while most nylons and polyester materials dont. Wearing colors such as white, khaki, light blue, pink, tan and lavender will help you stay cool this summer by reflecting sunlight; dark colors soak up the heat.
  • You can find all types of “cooling clothing” on the Internet at sites like
  • Eat Hot Peppers!  Yes, eating hot and spicy foods can actually cool you off! Scientists have argued for years over why this is the case, but the most likely reason is that spicy foods make you sweat without actually raising body temperature. Chalk it up to capsaicin , a chemical found in things like hot peppers. Once your skin is damp, you’ll feel cooled by its evaporation.
  • For a cool and lazy afternoon, sit in front of a big fan eating popsicles and listening to favorite tunes on your iPod.  Popsicles come in a yummy variety of flavors, and many are guiltlessly low in calories.  Get some homemade popsicle recipes here:
  • Freeze seedless grapes for refreshing mini bites of coolness!
  • Don’t forget the pets!  Hot weather tips for pets from the ASPCA
  • For additional safety information on extreme temperatures visit:
  • Search for real estate in Austin, Texas from your home computer…OK that was a shameless plug 😛  But seriously, have a safe, fun, and cool weekend!

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