Attention Longhorn Parents: Don’t Throw Away Money on Rent at UT Austin!

22 Aug

Everyone knows that rents are sky-high, particularly in the West Campus and North Campus areas of the University of Texas at Austin.

Instead of letting the rents get you down, why not turn it around and profit from it? 

Have you ever considered purchasing Austin Real Estate near the University of Texas at Austin Campus? 

How about this one?

Parents of Current or Future Longhorns:

If you have a child or multiple children who are going to live near campus and drain your bank account renting junky properties, why not buy and:

1. Invest the money that would have gone toward rent toward a hard asset to add to your portfolio.

2. Rent out any extra rooms your kids are not occupying to their friends and allow them to subsidize your note on the property or provide you with some cash flow.

3. Continue to hold onto the asset even after your kids are gone.  Hire out a management company if you chose, but let that property sit and appreciate.  You can’t get a much better location than the University of Texas campus area!

4. Sell one day, go to Fiji, and retire…ahh that sounds nice.

My real estate career started in the University of Texas at Austin Campus Real Estate Market, and I am a UT TexasEX.  Please let me help you navigate your campus investment search!


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