Price Your Lakeway, TX Home Right, and Get it Sold!

19 Aug

Lakeway, TX Home Priced to SellPrice is KING…period. 

Even though Austin, TX real estate and its surrounding real estate markets have stayed quite strong compared to the national averages, it is still overall a buyer’s market.  Now there are pockets, where that is not the case, so you need to ask your Realtor to be certain; however, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of pricing your home to sell!

Let’s take a look at this recent Lakeway listing of mine:


This home is pristine, clean, staged well, and ready to sell, right?!  And believe me, it knocks its competition out of the water in the looks department!

So that should mean we can put an over-inflated price tag on the house since it so special, right?

Wrong…Big Mistake!

Instead of tickling the Seller’s ears and telling him what he ‘wants’ to hear,  a good Realtor helps the Seller analyze recent sales of comparable homes as well as the market trends for that specific area, and then price the home according to where it will SELL not just get SHOWN…see the difference?

We want offers, not people messing up our carpet!

Instead of having a few showings, eventually lowering the price, and leaving even more money on the table once a listing is stale, a better strategy is to look great and price right day 1.

In doing so,  a mini-market is created, and I don’t mean Wag-A-Bag.  That is, you have so many showings that everyone is in a frenzy and puts forth their best offer the second week its on the market.

Let’s just say we’re set to close early September on this home, and I have seen this strategy work time and time again!


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