Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Austin, TX Home Through Gardening

16 Aug
Austin Real Estate Curb Appeal Through Gardening

From rwhitesi37's photostream

I know it is so stinking hot in Austin, TX right now, but believe it or not, Fall is around the corner, and as all good gardeners know, Fall is the time to plant!

If you have no plans of moving, great, take some of these Fall Gardening Tips, and make your home an oasis that you are excited to look at as you pull up into your driveway.

If on the other hand, you do have visions of moving in the near future, remember that the foundation you lay this Fall in your garden will repay you with a vibrant landscape that will attract buyers to your home when it comes time to list in the Spring.

Either way, I hope you use these month-by-month Fall Gardening Tips to improve your home’s curb appeal today!


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